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Dentist Kangaroo Point

What You Should Know About Our Caring Dentist in Kangaroo Point

Near the heart of Brisbane, our dentist in Kangaroo Point aims to deliver the highest quality dental care to you and your family. At Smile Design Dental, we provide calm and supportive care for all your dentistry needs. Our gentle touch and professional advice ensure you walk away with a confident smile.

Benefits of Visiting Our Dental Clinic in Brisbane

At our Brisbane dental clinic, your wellbeing is our primary focus. We encourage regular visits to the dentist as we believe in providing the most positive experience you can have at the dentist. In addition, we can analyse your oral hygiene and problems and advise on the necessary treatments and precisely how we go about it.

  • Dentist visits are vital to maintaining your oral health. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain hygiene, we can see any underlying problems, such as cavities, decay or gum disease. We can offer you the best care available with an expertly trained team.
  • Visiting our dentists allows you to get the best advice. Our dentists will advise you on which oral hygiene products are best for your teeth, how often you should have a professional clean and much more. Feel free to ask us anything about our products or procedures and your concerns or uncertainties.
  • Our smile packages help improve your lifestyle and, as a result, your self-esteem. For example, we can spot how your diet is harmful to your oral health, and our experience lets us identify problems that are still forming. You’ll know which habits to adjust and smile more readily when you experience the results.

What Else Can You Expect From Us

We understand that dental procedures can be nerve-wracking for some. However, we are on your side and believe you’ll soon realise there is nothing to be anxious about with our gentle approach. Our general and cosmetic dentistry includes standard dentist procedures such as fillings, root canals, children's dentistry and emergency dental service - our emergency dentist in Brisbane is standing by to support you. Besides, you won’t have any gap payments with most health funds in Australia.

  • Instead of the standard metallic braces, we offer Invisible Aligners from popular brands such as SmileStyler, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect. The invisible aligners straighten teeth the same way braces do without the discomfort and looking like a teenager. You can remove the aligners when you eat, and they usually work quicker than standard braces.
  • One of our most popular services is teeth Whitening. At Smile Design Dental, we use Phillips Zoom! Whitening, which contains a formulation of 25% hydrogen peroxide. Its concentration is high, and only dentists can administer it. However, we have the required experience, and you can walk out with a whiter smile in less than an hour!
  • At Smile Design Dental, we even offer a range of injectables. We are passionate about dentistry, which includes the whole facial structure. Because we fully understand the facial anatomy and the structures surrounding your mouth, we can inject muscle relaxants or fillers in the most beneficial sites.

Why Trust Smile Design Dental

At Smile Design Dental, our primary focus is to support you in gaining the confidence you deserve and helping you feel better about you. If you have any questions about our services or need personal guidance, book your dental appointment online or contact us for any further queries on our available smile packages.