Straighten your teeth unbeknownst to the world.


Gone are the days when braces were the domain of teenagers. Thanks to the creation of invisible aligners, anyone can now achieve beautiful straight teeth without the metallic look of the old days.

So do they really work? Yes, absolutely. You don’t need to look further than a few famous faces to see the results. Oprah, Gisele Bundchen and Khloe Kardashian are just some of the big names who’ve used invisible aligners to straighten their smile.

At Smile Design Dental we use leading brands including SmileStyler, Invisalign and ClearCorrect to create the perfectly straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of. The experience is relatively fast, taking as little as six months in some cases. Invisible aligners are also convenient as they are not obvious on the teeth like metal braces. They can also be easily removed when eating.

If you’re embarrassed about your smile and ready to correct your crooked teeth, come and chat to our team about invisible aligners today.

Want straight teeth fast?

Thanks to our partner, SmileStyler, you can now halve the time it takes to straighten your teeth. SmileStyler offer a special arch-shaped device that vibrates as you bite down gently on it, stimulating the bone that supports your teeth. This allows the bone to remodel faster around the moved teeth, which means you can move onto the next aligner sooner. So where normal aligner wear time is two weeks, here you can skip to one-weekly aligners. It’s been proven clinically to give great results and most importantly, it’s just as safe as the standard two-weekly wear. Not a bad idea if you’re in a hurry for your wedding, for instance, or simply just want your teeth straightened faster.

Create the perfectly straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of

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Step One

Impressions are taken in-chair as we discuss your personalised treatment goals.

Step Two

A couple of weeks later you’re digital treatment setup is ready. We’ll send you a link you can view from home showing your planned movements, seen from multiple different angles. You can also come in for a more in-depth view and discussion.

Step Three

You will receive your invisible aligners and will start a one to two weekly rotation of each set.

Step Four

Once you have finished your program you will have beautiful straight teeth. Now you simply wear a night-time retainer to prevent relapse.

Invisible Braces Brisbane

Love Your Teeth With Our Invisible Braces in Brisbane

Wear your smile with poise as you show off your pearly whites. Whether your teeth aren’t aligned because of your genes or an accident, our main objective is to restore your confidence and care for you.

We offer invisible braces in Brisbane so that you can look good on your journey to flawless teeth without going through the awkward phase of wearing metal braces.

Let’s Collaborate To Achieve Desired Results With Our Revolutionary Teeth Aligners in Brisbane

We’ll give you a reason to smile with our dentistry prowess. We offer calm care where we aim to help you fall in love with the person you see in the mirror. The process of constructing your custom made clear aligners take place in just a few steps:

  • First Impressions. During your first session, we make a mould of your teeth in the chair to tailor-make aligners according to your goals and budget.
  • Tender treatment. Our practise embraces technology because of its many possibilities and how it makes life simpler. Once your aligners are ready, we will send you a link showing how they will move in your mouth from different angles so that you have the opportunity to make changes if needed before we construct them.
  • Invisible aligners for not so invisible results. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re happy with the design of your custom-made aligners, we manufacture them, and from the time you receive your invisible braces, a one-to-two-week rotation begins.
  • Night-time retainer. At the end of your programme, you’ll only need to wear your aligners during the night to prevent your teeth from moving back.

Let’s Participate in Perfecting Your Expression With Our Clear Aligners in Brisbane

We’re skilled at what we do, and when you visit our practice, you get to experience engaged and passionate service. Here are some of the other ways that we provide value to our customers:

  • Spoilt for choice. You have the option of various brands, such as SmileStyler, Invisalign and ClearCorrect in Brisbane. Ever heard of the V5Pro? It’s an arch-shaped device that vibrates as you bite into it. This action stimulates the bones that support your teeth to remodel faster so you can share your smile with the rest of the world in no time.
  • Fast results. Unlike traditional braces, you can expect to see results in as little as six months using removable aligners. Who says working towards a memorable smile shouldn’t happen quickly?
  • Reasonable on your pocket. We provide various options at affordable prices. We offer payment plans using AfterPay and ZipMoney so you can enjoy the benefits of our products and service now without the pressure of immediate payment. The prices we quote you are all-inclusive, meaning that any revisions performed to get your smile precisely as you want won’t mean additional fees. Also, you won’t have to worry about having to pay gap cover with most health funds.

Why Trust Smile Design Dental

We dedicate ourselves to our patients, not profits. Our practice has evolved to include cosmetic dentistry services, where we have refined our offering to include gentle medical care that exceeds expectations and gives you autonomy through sharing information.

Contact us – it’s finally time to smile!