Payment Plan

Affordable Payment Plan Options

“At Smile Design Dental, we recognize the importance of dental treatments in keeping your smile healthy and bright. Committed to making top-notch dental care available to everyone, we’ve teamed up with prominent payment plan providers. These partners provide adaptable and easy payment options, customized to meet each person’s unique requirements. This means you can receive the dental treatments you need without the stress of immediate expenses.”

Don't Just Pay Later.
Pay Better

Pay over 6 weeks

Get what you need now. Make your first payment today and the rest over the 6 weeks. We'll send you reminders. So you never miss a payment

Never pay interests.

We never charge interest, full stop.

No fee when you pay on time

Afterpay is free when you pay on time. Pay nothing to sign up, no establishment fees, no monthly account fees.

smart spend limits.

Our spending limits start at around $600 and only increase gradually with responsible spending behaviors.

Own your wellness.
get the treatment you want today, Payment later

Nothing to pay today

We pay the practice, you proceed with treatment

interest free

Easy interests free payments. No hidden fees.

flexible repayments

Pay us back how you like. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

Reusable account

A reusable with a limit that suits you need.

“Experience hassle-free payment plans at Smile Design Dental. Thanks to our partnership with humm, you can enjoy your purchases now and pay later through easy, interest-free instalments. If you’re new to humm’s little things, simply apply during your checkout at Smile Design Dental by following the easy prompts. Get instant approvals (subject to eligibility) and begin your shopping immediately. You can also  download the app or sign up . For larger purchases, humm’s big things option might be available at Smile Design Dental – apply through the app or online (subject to lending criteria, fees, and terms and conditions).”
⦁ Payment plans from $100 – $50,000
⦁ Establishment fee: $0
⦁ Interest free period: 0% always
⦁ Terms between 4 weeks – 5 years
⦁ Account fee: No
⦁ Choose your repayment schedule – weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Child Dental Benefits Schedule 

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a beneficial program designed to provide financial assistance for basic dental treatments over a two-year calendar period. This program specifically targets children aged 2 to 17 years, offering a range of covered dental services. To determine if your children qualify for this program, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria and the process involved.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age Range: The child must be between 2 and 17 years old at some point in the calendar year.
Government Benefits: The family must receive certain government benefits, such as the Family Tax Benefit Part A, for at least part of the calendar year.
Medicare Enrollment: The child must be enrolled in Medicare.

Services Covered:

⦁ The CDBS covers various basic dental services. These can include examinations, routine cleaning, repairing cracked teeth, fillings, root canals, and extractions.
⦁ Orthodontic or cosmetic dental work is not covered.
⦁ The total benefit entitlement is capped over a two-year period, allowing for certain treatments to be accessed without out-of-pocket costs up to this cap.

Two-Year Period:

⦁ The two-year period is fixed and begins at the start of the calendar year in which the child first receives an eligible dental service.
⦁ Unused amounts can be carried forward into the second year, but any remaining balance will not be carried forward at the end of the two-year period.

Confirming Eligibility:

⦁ To confirm eligibility, you should speak with our team at Smile Design Dental. They can assist you in checking your child’s eligibility status and provide information on how to access the benefits.
⦁ Our team can also guide you through the process of using the CDBS, including how to claim the benefits and schedule treatments.

It’s advisable to confirm your children’s eligibility before planning their dental treatments, as this will ensure that you can make the most of the benefits offered under the CDBS. Remember, regular dental check-ups and treatments are crucial for maintaining your child’s oral health, and programs like the CDBS make it more accessible and affordable.

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