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$499 Philips Zoom! in-office Whitening. Get a brighter smile in under an hour!

Check up and clean + In-Office whitening $649 (save $50)

Check up and clean + take home whitening $399 (save $100)


Are coffee-stained teeth dulling your smile? Maybe you’re longing for bright, white teeth you no longer hide in photographs. Whatever your reason, our teeth whitening service in Brisbane is an easy way to enhance your appearance and improve your confidence.


  1. Pre-operative pictures and initial shade is recorded. Gums and lips are protected with a non-porous material.
  2. 25% Hydrogen Peroxide is applied in three, 15-minute intervals. Activated by an ultraviolet light.
  3. Bleach is removed and post-operative pictures are taken for comparison.
  4. Enjoy your new whiter teeth. 


Philips Zoom! Whitening contains the strongest active ingredients available, 25% hydrogen peroxide, a formulation so strong it can only be administered by a dentist. The results are incredible and far superior to over-the-counter products or shopping booth stands. The process is also fast. In less than an hour you will walk out with a new whiter smile. Get in touch with smile design dental clinic in Brisbane and smile your heart out with our teeth whitening service!

Zoom! Whitening achieves great results by breaking down the discoloured molecules within your teeth. The bleach is applied to the enamel which filters through to the deeper more yellow dentine beneath. The darker organic molecules are then broken down, leaving behind clearer and whiter inorganic molecules.
This is all done whilst exposed to an ultra-violet light, increasing the reaction time and decreasing your chair-sitting time.

Due to the breaking down of some of these molecules, you can expect some temporary increased sensitivity. The teeth quickly repair and replace these lost molecules and sensitivity usually resolves within 24-48 hours.

Under the care of our qualified dentists, we ensure the right level of whitening is performed to keep the teeth in a healthy state and giving you the pearly whites you’ve missed.

If you prefer to complete whitening at your own place, we offer take home whitening with check up and clean packages in Brisbane for just $399. We create specially fitted bleaching trays to ensure your teeth will receive optimal exposure to the product, whilst minimising the amount contacting your gums and soft tissues. For any sensitivity occurred you have the freedom to spread out your sessions at home. Ask us at the practice for more information.

Both options may receive a rebate from your health fund depending on your cover and fund.

Benefits of Philip zoom teeth whitening

According to research conducted by the Nature, we can extract these proven benefits of Philip Zoom’s teeth whitening.

  • Professional Whitening: Get dentist-quality whitening for a brighter smile.
  • Clinically proven to whiten up to 7 shades in 60 minutes.
  • Patients experienced zero fade back after Zoom whitening treatment.
  • Lasting results with no shade relapse
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed delivers up to 30% whiter teeth compared to non-light accelerated whitening.
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed light-accelerated tooth whitening produces brighter, whiter, healthier looking smiles compared to non-light accelerated whitening.
  • Zoom WhiteSpeed delivers more effective whitening results in one hour.
  • Tailored Treatment: Customized plans for your unique needs.
  • Less Sensitivity: Enjoy a comfortable experience with reduced sensitivity.
  • Lasting Brightness: Long-lasting results with proper care.
  • Trusted and Safe: Reliable brand with rigorous testing for safety.
  • Convenient Options: Choose between in-office or at-home treatments.
  • Boosted Confidence: Feel more confident with a brighter smile.
  • Stubborn Stain Removal: Effectively remove tough stains for a radiant smile.
  • Expert Supervision: Receive treatment under professional dental guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional teeth whitening treatments use powerful bleaching agents, often hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to break down and lift away stains from the enamel and dentin layers of your teeth. The concentration and formulation used in professional treatments are much stronger than over-the-counter products. With the careful application and monitoring by a dental professional, results can be achieved safely and more effectively.

The longevity of teeth whitening results can vary based on individual habits and the type of foods and drinks consumed. Typically, professional teeth whitening can last anywhere from six months to two years. Maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding staining agents like coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco can help prolong the results. Periodic touch-up treatments can also help maintain a brighter smile.

When done correctly and under the supervision of a dental professional, teeth whitening is considered safe. The products used are designed to act on stains without damaging the tooth enamel. Some individuals might experience temporary sensitivity post-treatment, but this usually subsides after a few days. It’s always recommended to follow your dentist’s guidelines to ensure safety and effectiveness.
While many people can benefit from teeth whitening, it’s not suitable for everyone. Individuals with deep intrinsic stains, severe enamel erosion, or extensive dental restorations might not achieve the desired results. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with certain medical conditions should consult with their dentist before undergoing any whitening procedure.
In-office whitening treatments are performed under the supervision of a dental professional and use a stronger bleaching agent, ensuring faster and often more noticeable results. Protective measures are taken to prevent the bleaching agent from contacting the gums or other soft tissues. At-home kits, whether obtained from a dentist or over-the-counter, usually have a milder bleaching agent and may take longer to show results. The fit and quality of the trays or strips can also impact the evenness and effectiveness of the whitening.
Teeth whitening treatments primarily act on natural tooth enamel. This means that fillings, veneers, crowns, or other dental restorations will not lighten in the same way as natural teeth. If you have several visible restorations, you may want to discuss with your dentist about how to achieve an even, harmonious smile post-whitening.
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