At Smile Design Dental, we are committed to providing gentle and effective dental care for your little ones. Our children’s dentistry service, spearheaded by our experienced and compassionate dentists Dr. Danielle Bolger and Dr. Clint Hazell, is designed to create a nurturing environment that fosters a positive relationship between your children and their dental health.

Laying The Foundation For A Lifetime Of Healthy Smiles

Every lifelong journey begins with a single step, and the journey to excellent oral health is no different. At Smile Design Dental, we believe in the proactive approach — instilling good oral hygiene habits from a tender age, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.



With our $149 check-up, clean, and toothbrush demonstration for children under 12, and a $79 check-up for those under six, we offer value-oriented services that focus on preventative care, ensuring the early detection and treatment of dental issues.


We understand that correct brushing techniques are essential in maintaining good oral health. That is why we include toothbrush demonstrations as part of our regular check-ups, ensuring your child learns the right way to brush from the start.


We know that the dentist’s chair can be a frightening place for little ones. At Smile Design Dental, we take the extra time to introduce our younger patients to the dental environment gently, ensuring their comfort and ease throughout their visit.

CDBS Services

We are proud to offer services under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for families who qualify, helping to ensure that every child has access to the dental care they need.

A Nurturing Team

Under the guidance of our dentists and a kind, nurturing supporting staff, your child will always be met with a gentle hand and a warm smile, providing a comforting experience that will help in building a positive perception of dental visits.

Emergency Care

Accidents can happen, and sometimes children face dental emergencies. At our clinic, we’re equipped to handle dental emergencies with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring your child’s immediate relief and long-term oral health.

Education For A Brighter Smile

At Smile Design Dental, we believe in empowering both parents and children with the knowledge they need to maintain excellent oral health at home. We offer advice on a range of topics, from diet and nutrition to the correct way to brush and floss, ensuring that your child’s smile remains bright and healthy outside of our clinic’s doors. At Smile Design Dental located at Level 1, 9/22 Baildon St, Kangaroo Point, we are all about smiles, including the tiny ones. We invite you to experience our gentle and nurturing approach to children’s dentistry, fostering a healthy relationship between your child and their oral health for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is generally recommended to schedule your child’s first dental visit shortly after their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. This early introduction helps in monitoring the dental development of your child and fosters a friendly relationship with the dentist from a young age.

Yes, at Smile Design Dental, we proudly offer services under the CDBS for families who qualify, making sure every child has access to necessary dental healthcare. Please contact our office for further details on how you can avail of this service.
Our $149 check-up for children under 12 includes a comprehensive dental examination, professional cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar build-up, and a toothbrush demonstration to educate them on proper brushing techniques, setting a foundation for lifelong oral health.
Yes, we encourage parents to stay with their children during their appointments to provide them with comfort and reassurance. Our goal is to create a relaxed and friendly environment for both the child and the parent.
In case of a dental emergency, contact our clinic immediately. We are equipped to handle dental emergencies, ensuring quick and professional care. If the emergency occurs outside our business hours, we recommend visiting the nearest emergency room.
We understand that visiting the dentist can be a fearful experience for some children. Our team is specially trained to work with children, using a gentle and nurturing approach. We take extra time to ensure that every child feels safe and comfortable, helping them to gradually overcome their fear and build a positive relationship with dental visits.
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