$499 Philips Zoom! in-office Whitening. Get a brighter smile in under an hour!

Or check up and clean + take home whitening for just $399!


Are coffee stained teeth dulling your smile? Maybe your longing for bright, white teeth you no longer hide in photographs. Whatever your reason, teeth whitening is an easy way to enhance your appearance and improve your confidence.


Philips Zoom! Whitening contains the strongest active ingredients available, 25% hydrogen peroxide, a formulation so strong it can only be administered by a dentist. The results are incredible and far superior to over-the-counter products or shopping booth stands. The process is also fast. In less than an hour you will walk out with a new whiter smile.

The peroxide achieves great results by breaking down discolouration whilst contacting the outer surfaces of your teeth. The oxygen is released into the enamel, then further to the dentine where the structure is more naturally yellow.

Through the layers it reacts, causing the bleach to activate deeper into the tooth. This is all done whilst exposed to an ultra-violet light, increasing the reaction time and decreasing your chair-sitting time.

Under the care of our qualified dentists, the tooth structure is left in a healthy condition, creating the pearly whites you’ve missed.

If you prefer to complete whitening at your own pace we offer take home whitening with check up and clean packages for just $399, which will receive a rebate from your health fund. We create specially fitted bleaching trays to ensure your teeth will receive optimal exposure to the product, whilst minimising the amount contacting your gums and soft tissues. For any sensitivity occurred you have the freedom to spread out your sessions at home. Ask us at the practice for more information.


Step One

Pre-operative pictures and initial shade is recorded. Gums & lips are protected with a non-porous material.

Step Two

25% Hydrogen Peroxide is applied in three, 15-minute intervals. Activated by an ultraviolet light.

Step Three

Bleach is removed and post-operative pictures are taken for comparison.

Step Four

Enjoy your new whiter teeth. 

Professional Teeth Whitening Brisbane

Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening in Brisbane

Good oral hygiene is invaluable and should be an integral part of your daily grooming routine. Our expertly trained team will help you make dental care a priority. Weak and unhealthy teeth not only affect your ability to eat and digest food but also influences your speech, impacts your physical and mental health and how you see yourself. Are you ready for a change? Our team is standing by to help you with professional teeth whitening in Brisbane for a carefree smile.

What You Can Expect From Smile Design Dental for Zoom Teeth Whitening in Brisbane

Are you planning a wedding or attending a glamorous event? Do you want to show clients or employers a winning smile? Whatever your reasons are for wanting a whiter and brighter smile, our perfectly formulated smile packages will help you reach your goals.

  • At Smile Design Dental, your teeth are our priority, but we care as much about you as a person. When booking an appointment with our teeth whitening dentist in Brisbane, you can rest assured that we create a positive experience by making gentle patient care the heart of our practice. For some clients, visiting the dentist can be frightening. We provide supportive care, consider all your issues, and share experienced advice and service to put you at ease during your consultation.
  • We believe Philips Zoom whitening in Brisbane is a superior product and the most effective teeth whitening procedure on the market. We also offer flexibility in how Zoom whitening is applied. You can either; complete the process in the chair or, if you prefer to complete the process at your pace, you can opt for our home whitening package that you can rebate from your health fund.
  • Zoom whitening in Brisbane is a higher-quality service than other home teeth whitening kits. It is fast-acting and will take less than an hour to begin transforming your teeth. This formulation, activated with ultraviolet light, allows for an intense teeth-whitening experience that doesn’t only break down the discolouration on the outer layers of your teeth but also bleaches through the layers. The results will give you a new reason to smile without any damage.

Aftercare Tips for Dental Whitening

For longer-lasting effects with your teeth whitening, you will need to know all the dos and don’ts.

Keep your smile whiter for longer by focusing on the following:

  • No one’s teeth can stay perfectly white forever. Teeth will change colour depending on your daily habits. Remain confident in your smile by brushing your teeth at least twice per day for two minutes. If you haven’t already incorporated flossing into your daily routine, now is the time.
  • After whitening, your teeth will be more susceptible to staining. Be extra conscious of staining for the first two days after treatment. It’s not always possible to avoid food, drinks, and activities that can cause staining, but you should strive to limit these items. Coffee, tea, coloured soft drinks, and red wine are common causes of discolouration. Using a metal or glass straw to drink these beverages will limit contact with your teeth and decrease the risk of discolouration; your teeth and the environment will thank you. Soy sauces, spices, tomato-based foods, even leafy greens can also lead to added discolouration. Ideally, stick to whiter, creamier, or colourless foods and drinks the initial two days after whitening. A chicken Carbonara is a perfect meal for the night!
  • Smoking is one of the biggest culprits of discolouration. If you take the time to whiten your teeth, continuing to smoke after treatment is counterproductive—consider taking steps to reduce or break the habit over time. We care about you, your health and look forward to creating healthy, beautiful smiles with you.

About Smile Design Dental

At Smile Design Dental, our team believes in high-quality dental care and happy clients. We offer a range of general and preventative dental techniques to support your oral health and appearance. Contact us for an appointment or book online.